A Century of Displacement: Climate & Mass Migration | Live from the Whitney

Nov 30, 2023

Growing out of Josh Kline’s recent work dealing with the climate crisis–which explores a future defined by displacement and migration–this program brings together activists, advocates, and researchers to discuss the accelerating reality of climate-related displacement. Scientist Benjamin Strauss, human rights advocate Amali Tower, and writer David Wallace-Wells will share their work on sea-level rise and climate-driven migration in the U.S. and around the globe. As coastlines are lost to rising seas, tens and later hundreds of millions of people are likely to become refugees. Each speaker’s work documents a world in the early stages of incomprehensible upheaval. The program is moderated by artist and conservationist Haley Mellin and includes remarks by artist Josh Kline. This program is organized in conjunction with Josh Kline: Project for a New American Century.