Amy Sillman and Pam Lins

Born 1955 in Detroit, MI
Lives and Works in Brooklyn, NY

Born in Lake Forest, IL
Lives and Works in Brooklyn, NY

On view in the 2014 Biennial, Fells began with a question posed by sculptor Pam Lins about how to incorporate a painting into a sculpture, a proposal that she has been working for the past decade. Amy Sillman suggested that Lins begin a new work by taking and responding to one of Sillman's own canvases, and this began an ongoing back-and-forth exchange between their two studios. They continued this chain of moves and responses for over a year, Lins adding a form, Sillman changing a painting in reply, Lins painting a panel, and so on. The result is a hybrid structure in which the parts appear somehow coordinated and disjointed at the same time, its sculptural components challenging us to think about three-dimensional space even as its pictorial elements seem to disrupt that solid reality.

Works by Amy Sillman and Pam Lins