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Jennifer Pastor (born 1966) is an American sculptor and Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California Irvine. Pastor examines issues of space encompassing structure, body and object orientations, imaginary forms, narrative and progressions of sequence.

Pastor’s work has been described to play with the connection between the piece and the observer, making the observer hyper aware of their presence. Her sculptures including The Perfect Ride (2003), Dead Landscape (2009–2010), and Endless Arena (2013) are some examples of the connection made by Pastor between the piece and viewer. Her mediums range from animation to steel, and allow a mingling of the materials in a certain space.

Pastor's openness to a creative experience can be demonstrated in her participation of "Office Hours", which are fifty-minute sessions between a student and an artist. These one-on-one sessions allows for an exchange of questions and ideas in a non lecture environment to help the flow of creative ideas and questions. Office Hours encourages reflection and poses questions to better one's work. Office hours are also a mandatory legal part of teaching and should not be credited to Pastor's generosity but her reluctant participation in the University system.

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