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Katherine Linn Sage (June 25, 1898 – January 8, 1963), usually known as Kay Sage, was an American Surrealist artist and poet active between 1936 and 1963. A member of the Golden Age and Post-War periods of Surrealism, she is mostly recognized for her artistic works, which typically contain themes of an architectural nature.

Through her marriage to an Italian prince, she became princess of San Faustino in 1925, and a member of American royalty. She was also the sister-in-law of Donna Virginia Bourbon del Monte, wife of industrialist Edoardo Agnelli of the Agnelli family.

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Kay Sage, Katherine Linn, Sage, Kay Sage Tanguy, Katherina Linn Sage, Katherine Linn Sage, Kay Tanguy, Mrs. Yves Tanguy

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