1967 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Painting

Dec 13, 1967–Feb 4, 1968

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In the News

“The annual as a whole has changed character with the recognition that American painting now has a new old guard.” —The New York Times

“The paucity of new work of any interest can lead to one or more conclusions: that good painting is simply not out there somewhere to discover; that it is there, but that the Whitney failed to discover it, or that the New York dealers, as middlemen, have efficiently hunted out every talent worth exhibiting.” —The New York Times

“. . . sparkles like the rarest gem against this darkness [of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art’s 163rd Annual Exhibition].” —The New York Times

“. . . new lows were reached with Ford Foundation aid toward in-depth esthetic slumming in the rest of the country—theoretically admirable and practically regrettable, since the all-star show is something of a horrorscope.” —The Hudson Review

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