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Roy Rudolph DeCarava (December 9, 1919 – October 27, 2009) was an American artist. DeCarava received early critical acclaim for his photography, initially engaging and imaging the lives of African Americans and jazz musicians in the communities where he lived and worked. Over a career that spanned nearly six decades, DeCarava came to be known as a founder in the field of black and white fine art photography, advocating for an approach to the medium based on the core value of an individual, subjective creative sensibility, which was separate and distinct from the "social documentary" style of many predecessors.

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Roy DeCarava, best known as a photographer, recorded the Harlem in which he grew up. He was trained at the Harlem Community Art Center from 1940-1942, but left to serve in the United States Army as a topographical draftsman in 1943. Then, in 1944-1945 he took classes at the George Washington Carver Art School. DeCarava is best known as a photographer, but he produced a variety of artworks with different mediums.

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Artist, commercial artist, graphic artist, illustrator, lecturer, photographer, professor, sign painter

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Roy DeCarava, Roy De Carava, Roy Rudolph DeCarava, Rudolph DeCarava, Rudolph DeaCarava

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