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Michael Kelley (October 27, 1954 – c. January 31, 2012) was an American artist widely considered one of the most influential artists of our time. His work involved found objects, textile banners, drawings, assemblage, collage, performance, photography, sound and video. He also worked on curatorial projects; collaborated with many other artists and musicians; and left a formidable body of critical and creative writing. He often worked collaboratively and had produced projects with artists Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler, and John Miller. Writing in The New York Times, in 2012, Holland Cotter described the artist as "one of the most influential American artists of the past quarter century and a pungent commentator on American class, popular culture and youthful rebellion."

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Kelley worked in variety of media including video, performance, painting, and sculpture made from found materials. His work often focused on abject subject matter.

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United States


Artist, installation artist, musician, painter, performance artist, photographer, sculptor, video artist

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Mike Kelley, Michael Kelley, Mike Kelly

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