Imogen Cunningham


Imogen Cunningham (; April 12, 1883 – June 23, 1976) was an American photographer known for her botanical photography, nudes, and industrial landscapes. Cunningham was a member of the California-based Group f/64, known for its dedication to the sharp-focus rendition of simple subjects.

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Cunningham took up photography in 1901. From 1907 to 1909 she worked in the studio of Edward S. Curtis in Seattle, Washington where she learned the platinum process. She then studied photographic chemistry at the Technische Hochschule in Dresden, Germany from 1909-1910. In 1910, Cunningham set up her own studio in Seattle which ran until 1916. One year later she moved to San Francisco, again setting up a studio. After meeting Edward Weston, Cunningham joined the pictorialist group of photographers in 1923 and adopted 'straight photography'. During the 1920s she shot her famous group series of plants and flowers. Cunningham was a founding member of the Group f/64 in San Francisco.

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Artist, photographer, publicist

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Imogen Cunningham, Imogen Partridge, Imogen Cunningham Partridge

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